Right Student Accommodation Boosts Your Language Learning Experience

Right Student Accommodation Boosts Your Language Learning Experience

Making the decision to study English in an International House in Brisbane is a smart decision. Australians are considered native English speakers, so studying in this city already gives you a learning advantage. Additionally, you will be enrolled in IH Brisbane-ALS, a school affiliated with the International House brand, one of the oldest and largest global networks of language schools.

Aside from studying at a Brisbane institution that provides excellent English education, you also have the advantage of having more choices for reputable student accommodation providers. Just a short walk from the IH Brisbane-ALS campus are Student One residences. These purpose-built student accommodations (PBSAs) are centrally located, come with modern and high-quality amenities, and are able to provide 24-7 support staff.

Getting the Right Kind of Student Accommodation

When you study in an International House in Brisbane, you have several lodging options including rentals, homestays, and PBSAs. Choosing the right one is based on many factors, with the most obvious ones being your budget, your desired living arrangements (are you open to having roommates), and the quality and safety of the property.

Undoubtedly, these factors are very important, especially with the current reports on overpriced student housing, landlord scams, and unhygienic and overcrowded living spaces.

However, many international students fail to consider another important aspect—how helpful will their chosen accommodation be in boosting their language learning experience?

Where you live plays a vital role in your day-to-day life as a student in an International House in Brisbane. Certain features and offerings of student accommodation can be more beneficial to improve how fast and how well you learn and improve your English.

in an International House in Brisbane

Stay in the city centre

Yes, this usually means weekly rates are higher. But, being in the heart of it all means you get to explore more of the place, people, and culture. You spend less time and money on commuting, which means you can enjoy more hours and a bigger budget for seeing the city.

This also allows you to put your language skills to practice as you get around and do your day-to-day activities. You’ll be interacting with the locals and having a genuine and more hands-on Australian experience. This is a quick way to boost your learning, especially if you are only enrolled in a short course for a few weeks.

Live with other international students

An international student residence is a fantastic venue for meeting people from all over the world. You can interact with individuals from different backgrounds, races, and cultures. Plus, you are challenged to communicate more frequently in English, since not everyone speaks the same language. You might even find a study buddy.

If you aren’t comfortable sharing student rooms, find a PBSA which accommodates international students and offers private suites or apartments for residents. This way you can mingle and enjoy your privacy at the same time.

Choose top facilities

The quality of your living space and the available amenities can either improve or deter your ability to focus on your studies and maximise your learning potential.

Obviously, if you live in a dirty, unhygienic, and crowded accommodation, you will end up stressed and sleep-deprived. You might even get sick. And how conducive will it be to study for tests or do your homework when you don’t even have any furniture for your school stuff or adequate lighting?

On the other hand, if you live in student apartments with reliable Wi-Fi internet, a study area, and a clean and safe environment, you can feel more at peace and focus on maximising your time to level up your education and language learning.

Expand Your Learning

Being an international student in a foreign country is an opportunity to not only improve your English or finish your studies. It is also a chance to experience and learn more about the world and to challenge yourself.

Take advantage of whatever time you have in Brisbane, or whichever city you are living in, to expand your education beyond the classroom. With a little more effort in choosing the right type of student accommodation, you can maximise your time, experiences, and daily interactions to boost your learning.

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